Tony Woods Spotted a Mer-Man in Seychelles

Taken from JRE #1755 w/Tony Woods:


  1. In africa they worship watamami water diety and then you look at zeus King of the sea.. so there’s gotta be some truth in these beliefs.. I believe there’s been humanoid créatures of the past that are as prévalent these days I believe these créatures exist like giants and bug foot and these mythocal beasts. Look at ancient egypt those “gods” and there form didn’t just come from an imagination. It’s almost like they soften us up with these stores when where young n desensitize us to the truth. Kinda like aliens and now there inching into the truth acknowlegding they exist

  2. “I saw a mermaid”
    “You think there’s a small population of mermaids out there?”
    “Lets not get too far-fetched, now”

  3. They are real! they migrate with the whales and a cave painting of tailed humanoid beings in the water have been found long ago on National Geographic channel here on YouTube. Just search and believe!

  4. Hate the ruin the magic, but it was almost certainly a dugong. A dugong is closely related to a manatee, they’re around 10ft long but can reach over 12ft, have a long dolphin like tail, and have a round head roughly similar in size to a humans. As he said, it was dark, he didn’t get a good enough look to tell if the mermaid had scales or not.

  5. Like the f*** are you doing at night on a beach with “a lil French boy” (quote)?
    A story that starts like this… Dude was f***ing another dude on the beach and had so many drugs in his system that he finally saw freaking Aquaman. You can’t make this sh*t up! LMAO

  6. Tony: ..cause someone told me not to mention mermaids
    Joe: don’t mention mermaids?

    Joe: so who told you not to talk about mermaids?
    Tony: nobody told me not to talk about mermaids?
    Joe: who said that?
    Tony: I said that…


  7. Saw a mermaid and the only description is the back was like a fish and the head was like a human? Gtfo if I saw a mermaid I would be having someone draw it right away and the description would be more than just 2 lines

  8. I had almost the exact same thing happen to me in my bathtub. I was tripping balls on acid. I started beating the shit out of it. It turned out to be my penis. Boy,I felt stupid.

  9. Do mermaids need passports to travel?
    Do they usually stay in International waters?
    Are we obligated to throw them back if we catch them on our fishing lines?
    These are the important questions that need to be asked.

  10. Haitians also have alot of mermaid/merman stuff to report and the warnings about not going to swim in certain places are not for scaring kids. Adults take it very serious to this day so a few things to many might have happened.

  11. Yeaahhhhh I don’t fuckin buy it. I did watch a mermaid documentary a while back that was pretty convincing. But I would need to see a body, same with bigfoot

  12. We’re floating in a nearly infinite universe on a rock with a 1 in 400 trillion chance of being here ( winning the powerball is 1 in 290 million). I’m open minded to almost anything being true.

  13. I was watching pharacopia on on vice and dude was goin to collect sea urchins and the taxi driver said they always see mermaids . Like it was just normal ..

  14. No b!tch listen we saw a fish man 😂😂. I believe him he sounds honest by the way he is talking and he sounds like a man that cares if anyone believes him or not.

  15. Tony “I saw a mermaid”
    Joe “what was their musculature? Did they know jujitsu?….I saw a video of a monkey riding a motorcycle smoking a cigarette that tried to abduct a child… it’s fucking crazy”

  16. People want to always shoot down people who claim they saw extraordinary things and it’s pretty damn pathetic to do so. You think people mistake bears for ape men or manatees for mermaids or sturgeon for a plesiousaurus or elephants for sauropods or swamp gas for flying saucers or crash test dummies and sleep paralysis for gray aliens? Come on now. Give people some credit. We haven’t discovered everything yet and the mermaid isn’t just something lonely horny sailors thought they saw when spotting sea cows. People can mistake size and intent of an animal when they’re unfamiliar and scared but holy fuck, give them some credit.

    You think a 60 year old’s gonna say he saw a human when it was a manatee? Have you folks really seen what a manatee looks like? It looks nothing like a human. Even at your highest you wouldn’t think it was a damn human. You sound like the people who will dismiss a bear sighting with “you must have smoked some of the devil’s cabbage”, because magically “bears don’t live in this state”. You probably believe in ghosts but not sasquatch.. Anyway, you should be happy that there’s still great things out there to be discovered.

  17. You’re dead to me boy. You’re more dead to me than your dead mother. I just thank the lord she didn’t live to see her son as a mermaid.” Derek Zoolander: “Merman!” (coughs) “MERMAN!”

  18. Joe is openminded to anything that doesnt have facts to back it. But you mention Jesus or God or anything spiritual he says its all bs. Strange…

  19. 00:37 Nobody else is wondering why he is tryin to swim in a lagoon at night with a little french boy? His mermaid story sounds more like he accidentally roofied his own drink to trying to cosby that french boy at the lagoon

  20. I met Kanye West in a Gamestop by complete fluke and nobody believes me. 100% true. I was in there looking for games and in walks a few big dudes and Kanye. It was his security. He even chatted with me when we waited in line. He bought $2000 in xbox 360 games. We talked for about 5 mins while they were getting his stuff. He was so animated and awkward. Big event in my life I’ll never forget. 💯 % true story and I know I’m going to catch shit because apparently celebs don’t buy games.

  21. At dusk in a lagoon with a little French boy.
    Tony “Have you ever seen a Merman? (whips it out)”
    French boy later to Mom “I saw a Merman”
    Tony “Yeah, yeah, me too.”

  22. I used to laugh the same way about Aliens. Check out the Lake Baikal incident in Russia 1982 Where 7 Divers saw 3 Humanoid “Mermaids”.

  23. We’re halfway through an apocalypse where we’ve been misinformed over and over again. But mermaids on a planet we know so little about is f*cking crazy. Just imagine how mind blown you’re going to be when the three-breasted women show up.

  24. I just love it when I get the notification that says “Someone has liked your comment” or “Someone has subscribed!” It really makes my day😀😍😍

  25. It’s crazy how people from the city are ignorant to the secrets of nature. In South Africa mermaids have a name… Mamlambo… The Sea is a universe of its own.

  26. I saw a large fresh-water octopus when i was about 5. I was the only one who saw it and when i screamed and ran to tell an adult they wouldn’t even come to look with me.

  27. These bots have ruined the comment section on this channel. And why exactly does it seem to be so prevalent on this channel when there are bigger channels that dont have this problem?

  28. I heard that there are many myths that these “merpeople” taught humans how to fish…..Maybe dolphins are super duper intelligent and it’s time for us to not keep them caged up anymore. Same with other sea beings.

  29. You can’t go and say “somebody told me not to say this on joe rogan but..” and then minutes later he’s saying nah nobody told me not to say anything..If it’s some little mix up like that right away in your story I don’t believe you dog , what you telling this story for ?

  30. The Syechelles was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, highly recommend. It’s like the maldives, but less touristy and expensive

  31. THE MERCENARY BRUTAL HEAD CRUSHING MARTIAL ARTS ACTION By a former French Foreign Legion 2 REP Sniper now on amazon prime no woke

  32. It’s easy to just discount and dismiss his story. It’s much more difficult but honest to realize that we don’t know nearly as much as we think we do about the world around us, even in 2022 with our global civilization and seemingly vast scientific catalog of natural phenomena.

  33. Imagine starting the conversation with a lie and then admitting to the LIE at the end of the conversation.🤡 “Somebody told me not to mention mermaids”

  34. My friend from haiti known her for 30yrs she told me she have seen one also, never lied about nothing scene I meet her! # so yes I believe her100%

  35. A wise man named Andrew Schultz once said, “Do mermaids get periods? Because wouldn’t sharks be all over dat?” And I still think about that in this video 😂

  36. Next thing you’re going to tell me, is a small group of people will transition to dogs! Wait…. I saw that YT video already. Let’s add him to the list of wack jobs.

  37. I just got back from Seychelles. I didn’t see any mermaids but I’m going to be honest with you… if there are mermaids on this planet, that’s where they’ll be. It’s a weird magical kind of place.

  38. Well, seeing as we’ve only scratched the surface of deep ocean and space exploration, I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s all fear of the unknown that makes it seem crazy.

  39. Seychelles is a crazy place. I had a blast out there. Crazy beaches. So nice and the people were verry nice. I went right after the president killed his son. And fun fact the money isnt recognized anywhere in the world pretty much. I remember having to exchange my money before i left and not use the atm while i was there.

  40. The better story would have been what kind of drugs and how many of them you did before you and the little French boy as you put it went down to the water’s edge

  41. That’s nothing. I saw a sasquatch. I was literally standing 6 feet away from it. It was big, scary, smelly, hairy…..

    Oh wait. That was my mother-in-law. My mistake.😅

  42. Leave it to an American to go to another country and steal their local people’s thunder about the monster in the water by seeing it the very first time he went to the shoreline with a little French boy get the f*** out of here

  43. I believe him. Who am I to say he didn’t see that, there’s all kinds of weird stuff going on that’s hard to wrap your head around on this planet. However, Sasquatch is 100% factual at this point but joe throws his friend les stroud under the bus about it….

  44. I saw a purple Spiderman (humanoid with no detail features) run across the woods trail and on down a hill.. was like a 20 sec. Long vision….took years to kinda convince myself it was just shadows….

  45. Beginning of clip guy said “somebody told me not to mention mermaids” then at the end “nobody told me that” 😆 definitely not credible was probably drunk when he seen this “mer-man”

  46. 0:10 Somebody told me NOT to mention mermaids. 3:11 Who told you not to talk about mermaids? Nobody told me not to talk about mermaids. “Oh… You said that..” “I just said that” “Oh”. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  47. The most incredible part of this guys story is the YouTube comment section where a bunch of narcissistic virgins who have never been outside of their homes and have no worldly experiences think they are subject matter experts. Funny, you could never imagine believing this guy, yet you are bewildered and in awe about the great cartoon we call “Space”.

  48. My father’s grandfather was a fisherman in the Gulf of Mexico in the early and mid 1900s. He swore he saw mermaids. When my dad would say, “Come on, Grandpa. Mermaids aren’t real,” he would get furious at my dad.

  49. I’m from Finland and actually saw a santas lil helper elf type creature once in remote countryside. Old, long white beard, short as shit like 110 cm and dressed in very unusual old type clothing. Had elf hat too and carried a big sack on his shoulder. Huh?

  50. So this grown ass man was going to a Lagoon in the middle of the night with a little French boy and no one has a problem with this?

  51. Mermaids dog men moth men Bigfoot.. If you don’t see it you probably wouldn’t believe it.. If you do see it you cant convince people ya saw it..

  52. And den, dat nigga asked me if I had a cigarette, and I was like “nigga smokes ain’t cheap”, and dat nigga said I was a bitch, and I was all like “no, you a bitch, bitch”… long story short I owe child support for some 1/4 childfish

  53. “I saw a mermaid”
    “What? Really? You really saw that?”
    “Yep i saw a swimming person”
    “Wow really”
    Didnt even listen to what he said. Swimming person. Yeah great description there, buster. xD

  54. Rogan asked all the right questions. I like his focus on details. I’ve seen other interviews were the subject got lost and little to no details were described. Main reason why I watch JR.

  55. My father in-law is a Nigerian immigrant and that’s pretty much exactly how he describes the “mar” maids as he pronounces them

  56. One of our fairytales/urban legends/scare stories for kids are about this one thing called Nøkken, a creature who live in “myrer og dammer” aka “swamps and creeks” lures people in with glowing eyes, then drowns them. It’s also shape-shifting, so it can be absolutely anything or anyone. It loses it’s power if you call it by name tho.

  57. There are reports of human-fish hybrids going back thousands of years. The Native Americans, Japanese, Indians. The Sumerians called them the Apkallu.

  58. Wait hold up…..what did old mate just say about about him and a “little french boy” on the beach at night?

  59. I can’t say what he saw or didn’t see so I’m gonna just keep an open mind about it. Could be an alien on vacation for all I know.

  60. A few years ago on a 16 ft catamaran in long island sound i got capsized by a whale (which dont exist in long island sound. They call you crazy) so me and my friend kept it to ourselves. It was coming after us it seemed like. A couple months later, the corpse of a “pygmy whale” or so they said, washed up on the shore a town or two over in stratford ct. the news started covering how crazy it was, then before the environmental people could come to determine what it really was and study it, the corpse of the entire whale was gone without a trace. the town put out a notice asking for information on the disappearance of the 5+ ton corpse that disappeared without a trace and you can find that article online looking for it. I Dont think they ever found out what happened to the corpse. It was as if it came back to life and swam off or got picked up by a quiet helicopter in the night or something.

  61. I have no clue who this person is and I listened to every podcast since 1. I guess I just don’t recognize the voice.

  62. See, I never just did things just to do them. Come on, what am I gonna do? Just all of a sudden jump up and grind my feet on somebody’s couch like it’s something to do? Come on. I got a little more sense then that.

    Yeah, I remember grinding my feet on Eddie’s couch

  63. totally believe him, back in early days of youtube there was numerous videos of oil rig divers rov cameras capturing human looking creatures swimming fast past the cameras, but since the censoring days its very hard to find any or even if they are still on this platform, probably removed

  64. This is gonna sound crazy but aliens live deep in the ocean aswell, u.s.o is just as credible as u.f.o. military radio chatter reports many sighting in the ocean

  65. I know everyone likes to have a little laugh at these types of things. The thing he saw is a sea creature that is refered to as ”human of the ocean”. They are not often sighted. They exist yes. They are not human, but just resemble humans in some ways.

  66. I just love people’s attitude.
    The-only time they’d believe if one came up and said “ Hi I’m a mermaid 🧜‍♀️, Hey don’t freak out as there running away screaming.
    Then there alarm went off, Phew It was a dream as they rose to the sound of crunchy scales under foot 🦶, haha hahahaha 😂😂😂😂👍.
    I’ve seen some unbelievable events if we’re told people would think I’m crazeeeee.
    It’s a shame the lies our history has been written.
    That no one believed such events could ever exist.

  67. WTF is up with all the content spam from bots here? have never seen so many before… Would think youtube would want to get rid of them rather than being terrible at actually getting rid of spam.

  68. I must be an idiot…cause i kind of believe him. So damn convincing. Am I naïve or does TW seem drop dead serious when retelling this story?


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