Time Travel is About to Become a Reality – COAST TO COAST AM 2021

COAST TO COAST AM – December 2021. Marshall Barnes, research and development engineer in advanced concept science and technology, has a long history in the entertainment, technology, production, and video industries. In the first half, he discussed his research on time travel, which he says is on the verge of becoming a reality. “This isn’t theoretical anymore,” he declared, and if you travel back into the past, “you’re ending up in a new parallel universe copy of an era that already took place.” This kind of travel is a type of “discontinuous” connection, and if you were to make changes in that parallel universe, it would not affect our reality, he explained. Barnes noted that his focus is on visiting the past rather than the future, which he added is what most people prefer.
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  1. Time travel as people think of time travel… going back to the past and into the future is absolutely and emphatically impossible!!! The great Stephen Hawking (one of the most incredible minds that has ever lived) has completely discounted the possibility of time travel! If time travel were possible he stated, it would disrupt every single solitary aspect of what goes on… as nothing would go on as nothing would be a constant!!! It’s because “everything” would be in an ongoing flux and turmoil. So time travel is like Star Trek, Star Wars and Super Hero’s, it’s fun to think of but it’s all complete fantasy!!! And if it were real why don’t we all know about time travel and why aren’t we all coming and going through time right now???! It’s because it’s impossible. And that’s coming from the great Stephen Hawking!!!

  2. The realm of time travel, the consequences, the mechanics, the ethical issues, etc are beyond our own comprehension. Attempting time travel in our current scientific state is the equivalent of babies playing with fire. We are neither intellectually, nor ethically, qualified to attempt time travel. This person is a fraud.

  3. i used a time machine to view the future, and i saw that a.i. had taken over, WW3, and a great plague..but then something strange happens, an ancient slug hominid species comes and saves the earth with their advanced free energy technology. which awakens and angers an ancient squid alien species in the sea, and earth becomes a great battle ground for an alien WW4.

  4. Time travel is very much possible. The sad/real part of it tho is that the physical men who have time traveled think they are heroes, and have messed directly with the reality that contains our time and space as we know it. Hurting it. Taking it head on. You dont take creation head on. It takes you head on

  5. Point A to Point B to Bend The Universe – Invite me as a Guest or Guest Host and we’ll discuss! The 80s is central to the Entity of Time Itself!

  6. No one isn going to mars lolllllll its a star dingbats anyone with a telescope or good camera can see it these conversations are delusional people snap out of it all you is look up at the stars for yourself and you will see everything nasa says is bullshit

  7. The mind is a fascinating thing. Don’t waste it on the impossibilities of fantasy. Focus on the the possibilities of today.

  8. We don’t see the already existence of time because the language we use and descriptions we have is completely wrong. We’re thinking about moving through time in travel from A to B, instead of manipulating data in A & B. To understand intellectual property of time “matters truly matter” both consciously & physically. We’re transferring syncretism and rearranging data placed in time through frequency of waves…
    Like a domino effect, we influence the future and past equally the same by learning how to better connect the two.
    The past is cold light, the present is hot matter and the future is untapped energy or dark/electricity..

  9. *COASTTOCOASTAM Host: George Noory Guest (Marshall Barnes Time Travel) Listening from Mass USA TYVM 💙 George,Marshall,*

  10. You guys are losing cred with all your over the top stories – go smoke some more more captain fantastic
    and crap out some fairy tails.

  11. Time is only applicable for a physical live body…. For a metaphysical body past, present and future is all same and easlily accessible….😝😝😝😝

  12. One time my great granny took me on a trip through time. I was at home watching Back to the Future on tv and all of the sudden lights started flashing and loud crackling and popping electrical sounds filled the air. Out of nowhere a Large 4 wheel drive Ford F350 tore a hole in the space time continuum and crashed into our trash cans out front of my house. I jumped up and ran outside just in time to see the door of the truck swing open. My great granny jumped out and said to me
    “COME ON JUNIOR WE HAVE TO GO SET THANGS RIGHT.” Granny was dressed funny and at first I didnt recognize her. She had leather cowboy boot with silver spurs on her feet a set of 18th century german lederhosen pants, an English Chainmail vest and a motorcycle helmet. I was confused and asked granny. “WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON GRANNY?” then granny took off her helmet and said, “Get in the time dually and I’ll tell you on the way.” I jumped into the passenger seat and she got in the driver seat. She told me to buckle up as she started pushing buttons and pulling levers. I never seen this kind of technology before and I asked her, “WHATS ALL THIS STUFF FOR?” Granny said it’s my TIME DUALLY and all this stuff is how I made it work. She had an egg timer mounted to the dash and set it to 90 seconds. Then she typed some program into a speak and spell mounted where the radio used to be. There was an electric type writer in place of the center console that she typed even more programs into with her right hand without even looking while she tuned a cb radio with her left hand mounted above the rear view mirror with her left hand. After she was through making adjustments to all this stuff, she looked at me and said ” ARE YOU READY TO GO BOY?” I asked her ‘Where are we going?” Granny replied to me in an ominous tone ” RIGHT HERE BUT 100 YEARS AGO. NOW HOLD ON IT MIGHT GET A LITTLE BUMPY.” Just then  a humming sound started emitting for the back seat area of the quad cab. I looked in the back set and saw a toaster oven glowing red hot and get hotter with each passing second. It was connected to a Desktop computer that was showing wireframe geometric patterns on the monitor spinning around and constantly changing shapes. This was hooked up to a neon sign mounted in the back windshield that started to flicker and glow as it powered up. Once it warmed up and was lit up completly I noticed it said BUD in blue letters inside a state of Texas shape red neon sign. Granny cranked the truck and backed out into the middle of the road crushing our trash cans. As we set there in the road granny pulled the shifter handle that engaged it into 4 wheel drive. It made a grinding sound like a buzzsaw for a second before it finally slipped into four wheel low. Granny pushed a few button on the steering wheel and I could tell that she put the transmission in TOW mode. A moment of silence as we set there parked in the middle of the road was broken by a loud bell “DING” of the egg timer finishing its countdown. Granny said “HERE WE GO!!!!!” She floorboard the gas pedal and popped the clutch. The 4 Super Swamper mud tires of the truck started spinning and screaming as we took off at breakneck speed. As we accelerated down the street the road seemed to stretch out in front of us getting longer and longer. Lights started flashing and outside like thunder and lightning’s. Once the truck was going 99 miles an hour a loud explosion happened a a blinding flash of light with it. I instantly felt the truck decelerate as granny downshifted thru each gear and apply the breaks. The loud exhaust pipe roared loudly as we slowed to a stop just a few feet short of a shear cliff and almost driving over the edge. Granny rolled down her window and took a long deep sniff of the air. After a second she popped her eyes open in suprise and hollared. ” DAG NABBIT PIECE OF JUNK.” She beat her fist of the display of the speak and spell and then it flashed 100 and 100,000,000 and back and forth between the two numbers a couple of times before the truck lost all power and it went off completly.
    “What’s wrong granny?” I asked her.
    She replied. ” The Gawd Dang zero got stuck again when I put in the one hundred for years and we went to far. We went one hundred million years back in time instead. We gotta get outta here fast junior I can smell dinosaur poop. That means there close by. Suddenly the truck engine rattled and sputtered a few times and died. Granny forgot to fill up the truck and presently it had run out of diesel fuel. Granny was angry and got out of the truck and jumped into the bed. She rummaged around a moment and jumped back out with two jerry cans of diesel fuel. She started filling the truck up with the first can and a loud roaring scream startled us both. I jumped out of the truck and told granny I would finish fueling up. She jumped in the truck and started programming the time circuits while I was pouring in the fuel. Just then a tyrannosaurus rex came into view across the ridge from us. It roared again very loud and started running straight at us. Granny jumped out and told me to get in and buckle up. There was only one can of fuel in the truck and the other can was still full. Granny picked up the fuel can and spun around three or four times to gain momentum. She released the can and it flew thru the air tword the monsters head. As the Trex ran to us and the can flew to him granny pulled out a Smith and Wesson .44 Magnum revolver and took aim. Just as the can reached the Trex he opened his mouth as if to catch it. Granny fired a single shot from the magnum and hit the fuel can just as the Trex began to chomp down on it. A huge explosion erupted and blew the head of the Trex completly off. It died instantly and fell to the ground. Granny jumped in the truck put it in four wheel low, the egg timer dinged and she floor boarded that mother humper. a few flashes and pops later we were back in front of my house. She dropped me off and said to “Be ready to try again tomorow night to go back 100 years to handle some business. I’m gonna go give the Time. Dually a tune up and upgrade the time circuits so they dont mess up again.” I we t back into my house and finished watching Back to the Future.

  13. If you could pivot 6 black holes, at the right distance apart so they do not eat the others… You will have a tare in space time from the Gravity Field.

  14. Time travel is very dangerous business, because of the Butterfly effect. Changing only one “insignificant” thing from the Past can lead to drastic effect in the Future, or vice-versa, like traveling to the Future to create different Present time. What if we apply the Multiverse concept, then why bother to change anything, simply jump to the One you like- one way ticket! 🤔
    The Portal itself could be one big problem, because it requires a lot of energy and stability, basically it’s a torn Time-space continuum. How exactly if I jump from a particular place I will end up at the same place at Future or Past!? We all know the Earth is rotating around its axis, then rotates around the Sun, then the Solar system orbits around the center of the Milky way Galaxy, then the all this carousel is moving away from so called Big Bang heading God knows where….! So, if I make the Jump from one spot how I will end up at the same spot again!? Will I be whole and fit, or with some damages, physical, mental? Is it ethical to change any paradigm from a parallel universe, or even our own, isn’t that abusive interference? Will there be any consequences and punishment from Intergalactic laws, which are above any man-made laws?

  15. Lol hate to say this but time travel will never happen ever. Or we would see proff of this in our past. Enjoy your fairy tales.

  16. Imagine going to far back and getting eaten by a dinosaur. Or going to far forward and there is no earth space and rocks shit…..

  17. I think we time traveled Feb 2017. I had a shit ton of info download in my head for no reason of different historical things that were changed due to time travel… anyone experience anything like that. Comment please

  18. Time is a measurement, nothing more. A instrument to track moments and actions. I don’t want to say this guy is a fraud but while it’s theoretically possible it’s not physically possible. He knows this. The amount of energy to even achieve this is more than all the energy in the universe.

    P.S. dude kind of sounds like Brian from Family Guy for a bit there.

  19. If it does or will exist, we will never know about it. The greed of the powers that be think we are scum of the earth and will never let us know.

  20. You could dig as deep as you could to center of Earth and slow down time. Or create field around you like an electromagnet and cancel out the space/time compression around you to speed up. Like layers of fields made of some particles. Not sure which ones.

  21. this subject is fascinating. Only one thing about going to the future or the past is that there are bad people in both events. Another thing, If a person finds a loved one in either cases, will they want to return to that present to report thier findings? Then there are materials- We are talking about transforming or changing, Steel iron metals into pure energy. Similar to the Colliders. Traveling back and forth in time. I feel is possible , its just that humans are very unstable.

  22. I’ve got to admit when I first heard this guest speaking I thought he sounds drunk, but the more I’ve listened the more I’ve realised he is very interesting and full of knowledge, thank you for airing this show it’s brilliant

  23. After living my life for 55 years, if i could go back in time, i think id smother the 1967 baby me in my crib and save myself alot of grief.

  24. Enjoy the present time. Forget the past. Forget the future, focus on now and create experiences for your vehicle the body to experience. Everyday is a blank day that isnt writen yet and its waiting for you to write it the way you want and experiance what you create. Knowledge is just waiting to be discovered which will improve your understanding of your experiance. All we have is health and time. So enjoy the present time you’ve been given.

  25. What if…..there is not parallel universe, created or otherwise? Just because you went back in time an entire universe is therefore created? There have been time travelers from the future interviewed on YouTube. There was one that actually sounded credible. He told us cell phones produce so much radiation they’re outlawed in the future. His immune system is shot. He has toxic metals throughout his body in his blood. It’s on YouTube look it up. If your story can be true so can his. Like everything else the motivation seems to be money.

  26. There is no time. Time is an illusion created by memory and imagination. Time exists only in the mind. Reality is just eternal now and even that is impossible to pinpoint. The past exists as memory, the future exists as imagination. If you say ‘go back in time’, wherever you go, it will still be ‘now’. So, if you could travel back in time, it would be a parallel universe identical to this one, but that idea presumes that every moment has a parallel universe. However, for that to be true it presumes there is such a thing as an absolute moment, which is impossible, the ‘absolute moment’ does not exist because an attempt at capturing it changes it and thus the absolute moment does not exist. If it does not exist then the idea of ‘parallel universes’ is science fiction. Now, it is talked about time travel in Einstein’s relativity but that isn’t the kind of time travel we typically think of as portrayed in the book by H.G. Wells “The Time Machine”. Einstein’s Relativistic time travel is a one way affair and into the future and requires a fast moving rocket. Now, I’m just a layperson, not a scientist. If you are a physicist, please prove me wrong ( because I really don’t know, I’m just guessing) .

  27. Look I just want to go back to 1980 and live with my parents and my younger self and do things with my deddy. That’s all. I’ve had enough of the 21 century. Wokeness, and the whole 9 yards. Am done. Want to go back to simpler times.


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