Thieves Kidnap UPS Driver, Steal Numerous Packages From His 18-Wheeler

group of thieves kidnapped a UPS driver and then stole multiple packages from his 18-wheeler. The driver was stopped at a red light not far from a UPS facility in Atlanta, Georgia, around 3:30 a.m. on Tuesday (December 28) morning when one of the thieves entered the cab of his truck. The armed suspect ordered the driver to go to a nearby apartment complex.

The suspects then tied up the driver and proceeded to unload packages from the back of the trailer and into their own vehicle. UPS did not say how many packages were stolen, but local law enforcement estimated they took about one-quarter of the packages in the back of the truck.

Several hours later, the tractor-trailer was reported overdue, and the company used the built-in GPS tracker to locate the truck. When they arrived at the apartment complex, workers found the driver tied up in the back of the trailer, but he was unharmed.

“We are thankful that our driver is safe, and will defer questions to the investigating authorities,” UPS said in a statement.

Authorities said that at least two people and possibly more were involved in the robbery. Investigators are scouring surveillance cameras from the area in an effort to track down and identify the suspects.

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