Thief Dressed As UPS Worker Steals Piggybank From New York City Apartment

Authorities in New York City are searching for two men who forced their way into an apartment in the Bronx at gunpoint before robbing it. One of the men knocked on the door and said he was with UPS. He was wearing a brown jacket, a brown hat that said UPS in block letters, and was holding a package.

When a 60-year-old woman answered the door, the man told her he had a revolver inside the package and pushed his way inside. A second man, who was also armed, followed him into the apartment.

The two men then ordered the woman, her 63-year-old husband, and their two grandchildren, ages 6 and 8, to bind themselves using zip ties.

The thieves then proceeded to ransack the apartment, stealing two iPhones, an iPad, and $7,500 in cash, which they stole from a safe and a piggybank that belonged to one of the children.

The couple and their grandchildren were unharmed.

The New York City Police Department released surveillance video from the apartment building and asked the public for help identifying the two suspects. They have offered a $3,500 reward for information that leads to their arrest.

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