Texas Man Who Shot Woman Dies After Bullet Also Strikes Him

A Texas man died in the hospital after getting struck by a bullet after he shot a woman. Police said that Byron Redmon, 26, was involved in a domestic disturbance with the unidentified woman.

During the altercation, Redmon is believed to have shot the woman, striking her in the neck. The bullet then exited her neck, ricocheted, and struck Redmon in the leg.

When officers arrived at the scene of the shooting, they found a trail of blood leading to the apartment. They went inside but discovered that Redmon and the woman had already left.

While the officers were investigating the shooting, a nearby hospital received a call that two people were found in a vehicle with gunshot wounds. They were both rushed to the emergency room.

Redmon was pronounced dead at the hospital, while the woman was treated and released.

Investigators have not determined what led to the shooting.

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