Texas Grandmother Accused Of Hogtieing And Abusing Toddlers

A Texas woman was arrested after authorities found one toddler hogtied and another toddler locked in a makeshift cage inside her home. Priscilla Ann Salais, 37, called 911 to request help because her grandchildren were locked in a bedroom.

When firefighters broke down the door, they were shocked at what they found.

“We had to breach the door to the bedroom to get in. Inside they found a one-year-old little girl who was bound – hands and feet – hogtied. Hands and feet bound together. A black eye. Bloody lip,” San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said, according to KABB. “And a little boy – a two-year-old little boy – who was in a playpen that was covered on top. So it was like a cage.”

“Both children were heavily soiled. Were crying.”

Salais was taken into custody and charged with two counts of child endangerment.

Officials said that Salais was the temporary guardian of the children because the state removed them from the custody of their parents over allegations of child abuse.

The two children were put back in the custody of Child Protective Services.

“Child endangerment carries a maximum sentence of two years, but I’ll tell you I – what she did to these children is I mean it’s unforgivable,” McManus said. “Two years seems like nothing compared to what she did to these children.”

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