Southwest Prepares For Deadly, Record-Setting Heat Wave

Over 30 million people are under heat alerts as the Southwest and Southern Plains prepare for a weekend with dangerously high temperatures. Dozen of new temperature records could be set as a heat dome settles over the western half of the country.

On Friday (June 10), the forecasted high in Phoenix is 113 degrees, which would top the 1978 record of 111 degrees. Las Vegas, Sacramento, Dallas, and Waco, are also forecast to break their high-temperature records over the weekend. Don’t expect any respite once the sun goes down, as the low temperatures could also set records.

“The first heat wave of the year has numerous climate sites threatening daily record highs and record warm lows,” the Las Vegas National Weather Service warned.

The heat wave threatens to strain the power grid in Texas as residents crank up their air conditioning to deal with the excessive heat. Last month, “record demand” knocked out six power plants, forcing local officials to conserve energy by raising their thermostats to 78 degrees or higher.

Despite the issues, Texas officials do not expect the heat wave to knock out power.

“I can absolutely guarantee the lights are going to stay on in Texas because of the landmark legislation the Texas legislature passed in 2021,” Peter Lake of the Texas Public Utility Commission told Fox Business.

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