Software From Disguised Russian Company Found On U.S. Army, CDC Apps

A technology company that claimed to be based in the United States is actually a Russian company, according to a report by Reuters.

The company, Pushwoosh, provides code and data processing support for companies that want to send push notifications to users of their apps. In regulatory filings with U.S. authorities, the company claimed it was based in California, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.

However, Russian documents reviewed by Reuters show that the company is actually headquartered in the Siberian town of Novosibirsk.

Numerous international companies and organizations have partnered with Pushwoosh, including Unilever, the National Rifle Association, and Britain’s Labour Party. Apps for the U.S. Army and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also used code from Pushwoosh.

The CDC and Army have both pulled the apps and removed the code from Pushwoosh as a precaution.

Reuters said it found no evidence that Pushwoosh had mishandled or shared sensitive user data with the Russian government. The company has denied any wrongdoing and said it stores any data it collects on servers in the United States and Germany.

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