Smelly Air in City Terrace Leads to Violations for Flavoring Firm

LOS ANGELES (CNS) – The South Coast Air Quality Management District issued violation notices to a flavoring company in City Terrace for causing smelly air and failure to properly permit equipment, it was announced today.

After South Coast AQMD received complaints of artificial sweet, burnt candy-type odors in the region, inspectors traced the smells to Mutual Flavors, a division of American Fruit and Flavors, the air agency said.

The investigation found that the odors were caused by mixing and filling stations operated by the company to produce flavorings used in popular beverages. Violation notices were issued to Mutual Flavors for causing a public nuisance on days in November and December, in violation of the agency’s rules and the state Health and Safety Code, according to South Coast AQMD.

South Coast AQMD said it also issued a separate notice of violation to the company on Nov. 17 after a previous facility inspection found that equipment at the facility was processing solvents containing volatile organic compounds in quantities that require air quality permits. Mutual Flavors is required to properly permit its equipment.

Violation notices can result in civil penalties. In some cases, the company can choose to implement voluntary measures to reduce emissions or otherwise prevent further violations. If no settlement is reached, a civil lawsuit may ultimately be filed in Superior Court, the air quality agency noted.

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