Shocking Video Shows Gunmen Leaning Out Of Car To Shoot Toward Ambulance

A pair of paramedics found themselves under fire while driving an ambulance through Jackson Park on the city’s south side.

Medical Express Ambulance Service Inc. shared a video of the scary incident in a post on Facebook. The footage showed the moment the two men heard gunshots and quickly ducked for cover as bullets flew past their ambulance. The driver noticed that a person on a bicycle appeared to be shot and promptly turned around to provide aid.

Luckily, the bicyclist was not struck by gunfire and had just fallen to the ground as they tried to avoid getting shot.

The video also included footage from the ambulance’s dashboard camera, which showed two unidentified gunmen leaning out of the window of a vehicle and firing at least five shots in the direction of the ambulance.

“Our primary concern is crew safety, but the team put their safety aside and went to the aid of someone else,” MedEx Chief Operating Officer Michael Pieroni said in a statement. “While nobody was seriously injured in this incident, it illustrates the hazards EMS providers face daily.”

The Chicago Police Department is investigating the shooting, which occurred on September 21.

You can watch the video below.

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