She Past Away – Asimilasyon

Kamera, fotoğraf : Emre Uzer

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Save yourself, the plague is spreading

Spiders everywhere

Go ahead dig your own grave

Look, it is dawning again

Scorching sun is rising

Moldy minds

Fools are howling



Says “burn” if you are not one of us

Fatwa spreading


  1. Heellkloooo my friends ! From ShE PaSt AWyA !!!!!!!!!!?!!??? Ca. Cheneu fi fi FB fi i it tu I’m Jo o dju d sd n il f Toi ok i on cg et d du u you ik g et tu of f de n un d FB II in tub tu un tm not ok f tu call no in je do j jk m Jc LOVE !

  2. This is the first band in a loooong time that I have really enjoyed. All of their cd’s are great, and that in itself is a rarity(not since Depeche Mode and INXS has that happened to me). I saw some interviews they did and they keep getting requests to do an english album, but they shouldn’t. You wouldn’t get the vibe and the soul that their native Turkish gives their music. Not only that, the lead singer is a friggin’ FOX.

  3. Okay, if u don’t understand what he says, don’t worry.
    I’m Turkish and I don’t even understand it either.

  4. this is more goth than goth. this is absolutely excellent, love the guitar, so glad i stumbled across this band

  5. You guys are refreshing like who gets to use the hair gel frist. Very Excellent Performance. Where’s the girls.

  6. I am very interested in Turkish music, especially rock bands but haven’t met these guys till today.They are amazing,like mix of The Cure and Depeche Mode.

  7. Everyone of their songs has the same baseline. So they promote death by looking like corpses and also with their lyrics? That’s very grown up now isn’t it.

  8. Que som viciante, minha esposa e eu ouvimos direto She Past Away! Posso arriscar a dizer que essa banda faz um som do mesmo nível ou até superior que muitas bandas clássicas dos anos oitenta do mesmo estilo de Rock! Um salve do Brasil – SP !!!

  9. I don’t know how accurate it is, but from Lyrics Translate website:

    Title: Assimilation

    The burning sun rises
    On moldy minds
    Idiots howl


    Protect yourself, this plague spreads
    Spiders everywhere
    Come on, dig your grave
    Look, the day wakes up again

    It says “burn” if you’re not one of us
    The fatwa spreads

  10. *I love the video and bands sound.On a search it looks like they have not put anything out in a long time but they had alot of potential and I hate to see them fade away over time.Such good talent.*

  11. i’m the only Romanian punk rocker that loves this great goth band, salut from Romanian, I’m not a young lad, I’m 51, I will try to buy the albums, but I’m unemployed, both me and my wife, i hope the CDs are not too expensive to buy, I live in america,……Marius(punk rules).

  12. 20 ekim çarşamba kimya çalışıyorum bu şarkı o kadar motive ediyor ki beni etrafı unutup saatlerce derse konsantre olmamı sağlıyor . Bir insanın diger insana faydasının dokunması için illa fiziksel şartlara sahip olmamiza gerek kalmadigini anlıyorum long live she past away <3

  13. Невероятнай коллектив!!!
    Столько мелодики и методичного ритма, который прекрасно подчеркивает вокалист!
    Эта песня похожа на последние дни осени

  14. This song is like crack. I listen to it in a loop, and it never fails to lose its novelty.

    I like it when he gets into the “koo koo ya ya ya ja ja ja yoyoyo ja ja ja” bit.

  15. Lol I don’t want to get that political but I love this band because I feel like I can reconnect with my culture but through some darkwave. Growing up I didn’t get a chance to mix the two! Anyways I saw SPA last night and met other Turks that like darkwave and after sharing our experiences growing up as alt kids we drew many similarities. I wish there was more representation of POC in darkwave. That would have been very therapeutic growing up and I would probably not have tried to bleach my skin if I saw more POC goth women lol

  16. most people outside turkey consider this country backward. then comes “she past away”. now the government is the focus of this consideration.

  17. This song changed my world. I’ve been listening to these guys literally every night for weeks. They are nothing but heaven to my ears. I even bought the t shirt lol


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