Security Guard Tackles Robber Armed With An AR-15 At Texas Poker Room

A security guard from Texas is being hailed as a hero after he disarmed a robber armed with an AR-15. Officials said that the suspect, who has not been identified, stormed into Legends Poker Room in Houston early Monday (January 15) morning and demanded money.

Trelynn Robinson, 21, told Fox News that the suspect pointed the gun at him, so he rushed toward the man and tried to take away the rifle.

“We wrestled with the gun for about a good minute, and then it went off, and upon it going off, I threw him inside a trophy case with the glass breaking and disarmed him,” Robinson said.

Authorities said that between 10 and 15 bullets were fired during the scuffle, but luckily, none of the 50 people inside were struck by the gunfire.

“The reason why the bullets are in the wall and not in anybody is because I lunged towards him the moment he pointed the gun towards me,” Robinson explained. “The guy came directly and pointed straight towards me. I was the first person he pointed that gun to.”

Once the suspect was disarmed, several other patrons helped Robinson pin the man until the police arrived.

Robinson suffered a dislocated shoulder and a graze-like wound when the gun discharged. Despite the injury, Robinson popped his shoulder back in place and returned to work later that day.

“People call me a hero, but I ain’t no hero, I did my job I signed up for it,” Robison said.

The suspect was taken into custody, but police have not released any information about what charges he is facing.

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