Second-Grader Loses Tooth After Gym Teacher Throws Hockey Stick At His Face

A gym teacher from Minnesota resigned after she intentionally threw a hockey stick at a second-grade student. Eight-year-old Easton Johnson was returning his hockey stick to a pile at the end of class when his teacher, who was not identified, picked it up and threw it back at him.

The stick struck Easton in the face, causing him to lose a tooth. The boy then picks up the stick and returns it to the pile while the teacher does nothing.

Easton’s parents were livid when they watched a video of the incident.

“We’re in shock,” Easton’s father, Lance Johnson, told KMSP. “She’s within five feet, and she didn’t even hesitate. Like she was trying to hurt him.”

Princeton Public Schools Superintendent Ben Barton told the news station that the teacher was placed on administrative leave and resigned several days later.

A few days after she resigned, the school district posted on Facebook congratulating the teacher on her retirement. Barton said that he did not authorize the post and had it removed as soon as he learned about it.

The Minnesota Department of Education investigated the incident and told the Johnsons that the teacher’s actions were intentional. Despite their findings, the Princeton Police Department decided not to launch a criminal investigation into the incident.

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