Russian Troops Poisoned By Cherries They Stole From Ukrainian Farmers

Ivan Fyodorov, the mayor of Melitopol, Ukraine, told reporters that local farmers have been helping fight back against the Russian invaders by poisoning their crops.

Fyodorov said that a large number of Russian troops recently became sick after eating stolen cherries.

“Our farmers prepared another gift for the [Russians]—recently treated sweet cherries, which caused mass illness among those who stole them from the farmers. It’s the latest kind of partisan resistance on the territory of Melitopol,” Fyodorov said, according to a translation by The Daily Beast.

There are nearly 5,000 acres of cherry farms in Melitopol, which produce several thousand tons of fruit.

Last month, Fyodorov accused Russian troops of stealing the cherries from farmers. The soldiers promised the farmers they would pay for what they took after the cherries had been sold. The troops then took them to Crimea, which has been unable to get Ukrainian cherries since Russia annexed the region in 2014, and sold them at below-market prices.

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