‘PotholeGate Vigilantes’ Fix Roads Instead Of Waiting For City To Do it

Residents in the city of Vallejo, California, have banded together to fix their roads because city officials were taking too long. The group, which calls themselves the “PotholeGate Vigilantes,” has repaired more than 130 potholes.

The group met on a community Facebook page after complaining about the poor state of the roads in the city.

“It’s gotten to where it’s dangerous,” David Marsteller, a volunteer with the group, told Fox News. “Every day on our Facebook platforms, we’re seeing five or six people posting pictures of tires bent, tires blown out.”

While residents are thrilled that somebody is taking action to fix the streets, local officials are demanding they stop taking matters into their own hands.

“It can be a hazardous task to undertake repairs without the proper help with traffic control,” Vallejo Mayor Robert McConnell wrote in a weekly newsletter. “Often, these efforts and money will all be wasted without adequate compaction techniques if the rains carry away the asphalt once again.”

Volunteer Garrett Toles told KTVU that officials even sent a police officer to order them to stop working.

“They gave us a legal notice to stop working, But, in response to that, as long as community members are donating, I’m going to keep filling potholes until this gets resolved,” Toles said.

The PotholeGate Vigilantes are raising money on GoFundMe. As of January 19, the group has raised over $7,200.

“We’re tired of our cars receiving damage. We’re tired of it being a liability with our kids being in the car with us. It’s safety first,” Toles said.

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