Pete Rose Gets Asked About Statutory Rape Admission, Gives Horrible Answer

The allegations against Rose, 81, having a sexual relationship with an underage female in the 1970s initially surfaced in 2017 through testimony in federal court.

A sworn statement submitted by the woman — referred to as Jane Doe — in court filings obtained by ESPN claimed she was underage when she began a relationship with Rose in 1973, which continued for a couple of years.

“Sometime after that, Pete Rose and I began meeting at a house in Cincinnati,” the woman’s statement said. “It was at that house where, before my 16th birthday, Pete Rose began a sexual relationship with me. This sexual relationship lasted for several years. Pete Rose also met me in locations outside of Ohio where we had sex.”

Rose, who was 34 years old and married with two children in 1975, admitted to having sex with the girl but claimed he thought she was 16 at the time, according to court filings.

The former baseball player was never charged with statutory rape as the statute of limitations had passed at the time of the testimony, which was revealed as part of a defamation lawsuit Rose brought against lawyer John Dowd in 2017.

Down led Major League Baseball’s investigation into Rose’s gambling, which documented that Rose had bet on the Cincinnati Reds 52 times in 1987 while serving as the team’s manager, which led to his permanent ban from baseball.

The defamation lawsuit, however, stemmed from an interview Dowd gave with a radio station in July 2015 and not the MLB investigation.

Rose holds the MLB record for hits (4,256), at-bats (14,053), plate appearances (15,890) and games played (3,562) during a 24-year career with the Cincinnati Reds (1963-78, 1984-86); Phillies (1979-83); and Montreal Expos (1984).

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