Passenger Assaults Officer, Tackled During Arrest At LAX

A Delta Airlines passenger was caught on camera attacking a police officer before being tackled to the ground during his arrest at Los Angeles International Airport on Thursday (December 30) afternoon.

TMZ shared video footage of the incident, which took place after a man was denied boarding a Delta flight headed to New York after he was deemed to be intoxicated, law enforcement officers confirmed.

Police responded to the scene and attempted to escort the man out of the terminal, walking him down an escalator to the airport’s exit.

The man is then shown striking an officer at the bottom of the escalator in the chest area before being shoved into a sign near the airport door and taken down to the ground.

(WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised due to foul language)

The man then begins to yell at officers as he’s being detained.

“Tell me why you’re not taking my s*** off,” he said while officers held him down. “Yeah, that’s right, bro, tell me why. Yeah, bro, come on…I’m not going to comply until you tell me why.”

“Because of people like you, you ruined my f*****g night, dude,” the man continued while crying. “You ruined my whole f*****g day, bro. Now I have to travel a whole ‘nother day, bro. It f*****g sucks, dude.”

The man is then shown screaming multiple times as officers continue to detain him and calls for someone named Austin to help before shouting “stop” several times at officers.

The man was walked out of the airport and placed into a police vehicle before being charged for battery on a police officer.

A law enforcement source told TMZ that police would have let the man leave the airport without being arrested had he not attacked the officer.

TMZ reports the man remained in custody as of Thursday (December 30) afternoon.

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