Parents Of Missing 14-Year-OId Receive Photo Showing Her Injured And Unwell

The search for a missing 14-year-old girl from Colorado took a disturbing turn after her parents received a photograph of their daughter.

Chloe Campbell was last seen on September 30 at a high school football game. When she never returned home, her parents contacted the police, but they suggested she wasn’t kidnapped. Instead, they told the Campbells that their daughter likely ran away.

Since Chloe was reported missing, her friends have received messages claiming that she is with a family in Arizona and is doing fine.

“We have gotten tips from various parties claiming that she is in Arizona and that she’s, quote, safe and that she has money and that she’s with a family in Arizona. We want to make it clear that we do not have family in Arizona, so this is very suspicious to us,” her father, David Campbell, told KDVR.

Campbell told KCNC that the only proof they have that Chloe is alive is a photograph that was sent to them anonymously.

“She looked injured and unwell,” he told the news station.

The family has been putting flyers up and trying to spread the word, hoping that somebody recognizes Chloe and can bring her home safely.

“We just want you home safe and sound. If you can’t come home, we won’t stop looking for you. We are going to use every resource on this planet to find you and bring you home safe. We love you so much, honey,” Chloe’s mother, Jessica Knape, said.

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