Over 700 Flights Canceled After More Than 1,000 Were Cut Over The Weekend

Travelers across the country continued to find themselves stranded as airlines canceled over 700 flights on Monday (June 27). The cancelations come after airlines canceled 886 flights on Sunday and 633 on Saturday.

Monday’s cancelations marked the sixth consecutive day that more than 500 flights were canceled.

According to data from FlightAware, Delta Air Lines canceled over 200 flights as of Monday morning, while United Airlines canceled more than 100 flights, and American Airlines was forced to cancel over 60 flights.

Delta blamed the canceled flights on “higher-than-planned unscheduled absences in some of our work groups, weather, and air traffic control constraints,” NBC News reported.

FlightAware spokeswoman Kathleen Bangs noted that large numbers of airline and airport employees left the industry during the coronavirus pandemic. She said that under the current conditions, just a single worker calling out sick could force an airline to delay or cancel a flight.

“You need fuelers, you need aircraft cleaners, bag handlers, all of that,” Bangs said. “It really takes a choreographed symphony of people to get an airplane in, get it turned, get it back out again.”

Bangs said that while it could be a rough summer for travelers, she expects things to stabilize by the fall.

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