Out-Of-Control Russian Rocket Likely To Crash Into Earth On Wednesday

An out-of-control Russian rocket is reported to be crashing back down to Earth on Wednesday (January 5) night.

Satflare.com‘s Joseph Remis provided an updated forecast of the Russian Angara A5 rocket’s flight, which showed the rocket re-entering around 10:56 p.m. ET on Wednesday, WeatherBoy.com reports.

Remis had previously reported the prediction could be off +/- 60 hours on Monday (January 3), which has since been changed to +/- 25 hours during the latest update.

WeatherBoy.com notes that scientists have been able to provide several hours advance notice of the actual impact zone and time during past out-of-control rocket impacts and believes the impact area(s) and time will be more refined as more data is analyzed.

The Angara A5 rocket launched from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome on December 27 as part of its third test flight.

The launch itself was successful, however, a third upper-stage rocket was unsuccessful in firing a second time.

The first fire initially helped the dummy payload being carried reach low-Earth orbit, however, the second failed fire put the dummy payload into a geostationary orbit, which is leading to the 20 ton mass vessel crashing back down to Earth uncontrollably.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command has numbered the out-of-control rocket as “50505” and reports it is currently in an orbit with a pedigree of about 111.8 miles and an apogee of around 124 miles.

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