New England Man’s Van Filled With Snow After Leaving Sunroof Open

A Scituate, Massachusetts man’s car filled with snow after he left his sunroof open.

Steve Maguire told WBZ-TV that he took his family for a ride in his wife’s minivan during a 63-degree Saturday after quarantining for more than a week.

“Saturday was so beautiful I’m like, ‘I’ve got to get some of the kids out of the house,” Maguire said. “It was 63 degrees here.”

However, Maguire apparently forgot to close his sunroof and — in typical New England winter fashion — Massachusetts was met with more snow as “like nine inches” filled the interior of his wife’s mini van.

“This could only happen in New England,” Maguire said. “I’m grateful it wasn’t rain, and it was super easy to clean up because it was so light and fluffy.”

Maguire did accept blame for the accident, acknowledging that he should’ve paid more attention to the weather as it’s actually part of his job.

“I’m a high school teacher and one of the electives I teach is meteorology,” Maguire said. “So if anyone knows the weather, I should know the weather.”

He also revealed that he’d been in a previous strange minivan situation, having accidentally left the door to the family’s last minivan open and allowing a squirrel to sneak inside to scavenge for snacks his children left behind 10 years ago.

“The squirrel ate most of the interior,” Maguire said. “So I’m 0 for 2 when it comes to minivans.”

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