Multiple People Killed In 21-Car Pileup Caused By Dust Storm

At least six people, including two children, were killed, and eight others were injured in a 21-car accident on Interstate 90 in Montana on Friday (July 16). Montana Highway Patrol Sgt. Jay Nelson said that the massive pileup was caused by a dust storm that rolled through with a line of severe thunderstorms.

As high winds kicked up the dust, visibility dropped to less than a quarter of a mile, creating dangerous conditions for motorists.

“The visibility was so poor and scary,” Ariel Dehart, who was driving on the opposite side of the highway, told CNN. “The air was warm and eerie. It was like wearing sepia-colored glasses. It was so crazy.”

It took around six hours to clear the accident and fully reopen the highway.

Jose Strickland shared a video of the aftermath of the crash on Facebook, saying that he narrowly avoided being the 22nd car involved in the crash.

“Visibility dropped in an instant, and we found ourselves skidding to a stop and everyone scrambling off the road to safety. My heart goes out to the families affected. Today I helped save a man’s life and lost another before we could get him some help,” Strickland wrote.

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