Mother Arrested For Letting Her 10-Year-Old Son Get A Tattoo In A Motel

A New York mother was arrested for allegedly letting her ten-year-old son get a tattoo on his forearm. The Lloyd Police Department said that 33-year-old Crystal Thomas was charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

It is illegal in New York for anybody under the age of 18 to get a tattoo.

According to the Daily Mail, Thomas has been staying at a motel with her son and his older sibling for the past several weeks. One night, they learned that a man in the neighboring room was a tattoo artist.

Thomas’s son said he wanted to get a tattoo, and she gave the man permission to tattoo her son’s name in large block letters on his arm.

Officials learned about the tattoo when the boy went to the nurse at his school to get vaseline put on it.

Lloyd Police Chief James Janso said they are trying to identify the man who gave the young boy a tattoo and that he could also face charges.

Thomas’ two children were taken into custody by Child Protective Services. Thomas has since been released from jail, though it is unclear if her children were back in her custody.

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