Mom Gets Shamed For Hilariously Lip-Syncing Daughter’s Tantrum

Unlike most adults, when a child wants something, they occasionally make it very well known by throwing a tantrum. Different parents deal with their kids’ tantrums in different ways. Some will cater to their child’s every need to keep them happy, while others won’t cave to whining and crying and will instead ignore their offspring, and then there’s Brandi O’Neill Smith.

When Smith’s daughter was saying “mommy” non-stop, Brandi chose to reach for her phone and start recording what was about to go down. The hilarious mom then filmed herself perfectly lip-synced her daughter’s tantrum. She then shared it for all to see on TikTok.

Brandi revealed that her daughter only wanted her doll’s hair put up, and most of the millions of people who have seen the clip loved it, writing things like, “By the time I had my third and fourth kids, I actually couldn’t even hear it sometimes. It was like the wind,” and, “My secret is, sometimes I’ll ignore the first two ‘mommys’ in case he changes his mind,” and, “This is gold.”

Not everyone was laughing though and some viewers were upset at Brandi for ignoring her child. One wrote, “Years later in therapy, ‘I just feel like no one ever listens to me,'” another stated, “Boo. This is sad to watch. Answer her. Please. She’s a human being.”

You can see more from Brandi here.

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