Mom Finds Cannabis Gummy Worms In 5-Year-Old’s Halloween Candy

A Missouri mother was shocked to find a package containing cannabis-infused gummy worms mixed in with the Halloween candy her five-year-old collected during a trunk-or-treat event over the weekend.

Tiffany Burroughs told KMOV that she took her three boys, ages one, two, and five, to the trunk-or-treat at a local restaurant. While her children were running around in costumes collecting candy, Burroughs noticed a package of gummy worms that looked strange.

When she got home, she inspected her boys’ candy bags and discovered a package of marijuana edibles.

“I remembered it when we walked through the door, and I said,’ oh yeah, let me see that.’ I looked at it and was like, ‘oh yeah, that’s definitely not for kids,'” Burroughs said.

Burroughs immediately called the police. Stephen Bell, co-owner of the restaurant, told the news station that the police came to the event, and he helped them inspect all of the candy being handed out.

“Me and the manager and the other owner walked through the lot. I mean, we looked through everyone’s candy, and we couldn’t find anything,” Bell said.

The police could not find any evidence of marijuana candy and received no other complaints from parents.

“We don’t believe at this time there was malicious intent. That somehow these gummy worms got mixed in with candy because they do look like candy,” said Lt. Tom Wilkison of the St. Charles Police Department.

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