Mix-Up At Refund Desk Sends Grandpa’s Ashes To Store Shelf

A mix-up at the refund desk of a Lowe’s store in Maine led to a grandfather’s ashes being inadvertently placed in on the store’s shelf.

The Bangor, Maine Police Department shared news of the incident on its verified Facebook account earlier this month seeking assistance identifying the family of the man whose ashes were left at the store.

The department shared pictures of the evidence found, which included a box for a Flushmount Ceiling Fixture, several family memories and the ashes, which were labeled inside an envelope as “Granpa G’s ashes.”

“Stranger things have happened, but this is a bit perplexing to a crew of more than adequately adept police officers,” the department wrote in the post.

The department said a man purchased a ceiling fan at the Lowe’s store in Bangor and found the items, including the ashes, inside the box.

Police told local residents who may know Granpa G’s family members to notify them before later confirming to have finally made contact with them.

“We found the family. Granpa G will be with family by this afternoon. Thanks for all the help,” the department wrote in an updated version of the Facebook post.

“Additionally, for those who wanted the rest of the story, photos, and a Hallmark special based on a Facebook post, the family determined that they did not want a photo taken at the time they picked up their belongings. They are wonderful folks, and they feel a bit silly about how this all went down.

“I get that. Facebook fame (and most other fame-based baloney) do not make one’s life a lot better. We respect them, and their decision. Thanks so much for sharing this post.”

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