Missing Colorado 14-Year-Old Found Safe In Nearby City

Authorities in Colorado have located a 14-year-old girl who has been missing since September 30. Chloe Campbell was found living in a home in Thorton, which is about 30 minutes away from her hometown of Boulder.

While Campbell’s parents reported her missing after she never returned home after a high school football game, the police did not believe she had been abducted. Instead, they suggested that she had run away.

Chloe’s parents disputed the idea that their daughter ran away, claiming that she was abducted and may have been the victim of human trafficking. Over the weekend, they claimed to have received a photo of Chloe in which she appeared “injured and unwell.”

On Monday (October 10) night, Chloe was located by officers and reunited with her family. Officials did not provide many details about the case but said it appeared that Chloe was not being held against her will.

“There are indications that considerable steps were being taken by Chloe to avoid contact from law enforcement as well as her family,” Boulder Deputy Police Chief Stephen Redfearn said. “We, however, had indications that she was alive throughout the week. Police are relieved that she has been located.”

“We have no belief at this time that she was held against her will,” he added, noting that she did not have any “readily noticeable injuries.”

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