Missing California Mother Found Dead, Ex-Husband Named As Suspect

The remains of Rachel Castillo, a mother of two who disappeared last week, were found in a remote location in Antelope Valley in California.

The Simi Valley Police Department said that Castillo’s ex-husband Zarbab Ali, 25, is the primary suspect in her murder and was taken into custody at his parent’s house.

Castillo was reported missing last week after her sister, Emily, returned to the apartment they shared and found evidence of a struggle. Investigators found a significant amount of blood at the scene and noted that her cell phone, car keys, and vehicle were still there.

“As soon as I saw the blood, that’s when I realized something wasn’t right,” Emily told KABC. “So I called my mom to let her know to come over, and then I immediately called 911.”

“I was running around the house trying to see if I could find her somewhere,” Emily added. “I checked her bathroom, under her bed, her closet, my closet, the laundry room, my bathroom, and my bedroom, but she wasn’t anywhere in there.”

Authorities have not determined a motive for Castillo’s murder and did not say how she died.

“This investigation has rapidly evolved over the past few days. This case is still under investigation, and some details cannot be released due to legal and investigative reasons. The Simi Valley Police Department will release additional details related to this case when it is available,” the Simi Valley Police Department said in a news release.

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