Military Plane Carrying Nuclear Material Crashes In California Desert

At least four people were killed when a military plane crashed in California on Wednesday (June 8), KYMA reported. A fifth person who was also on the plane is missing, but authorities believe they are likely deceased as well.

The plane was reportedly carrying nuclear materials, KSWB reporter Malik Earnest tweeted.

“Preliminary reports indicate the aircraft was loaded with nuclear material with at least 5 people aboard. Rescue efforts and an investigation are underway,” he wrote.

“Imperial County officials are assuming all five people aboard a crashed military aircraft near Highway 78 are deceased. It’s unknown what caused the aircraft to crash at this time. Additional details about nuclear material aboard are not known. The military now has the scene,” Earnest wrote in a follow-up tweet.

Marine Corps Air Station Yuma confirmed the crash but did not provide any details about the type of aircraft or what caused it to crash in the desert near the incorporated community of Glamis.

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