McDonald’s & Dairy Queen Go Viral For Hilarious ‘Sign War’

It started out with a sign, how did it end up like this?

A seemingly bored McDonald’s location in Missouri had some time on its hands, so employees decided to initiate a “sign war” with neighboring fast food restaurant Dairy Queen, according to BuzzFeed. “Hey DQ! Wanna have a sign war?” McDonald’s lettered into the sign outside the restaurant. “We (would), but we’re 2 busy makin icecream,” Dairy Queen responded, as seen in photos shared by the Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce on Facebook.

This is where things started to get spicy.

“That’s cute. Our icecream makes itself,” McDonald’s replied. “You mean it actually works? Shocker,” DQ said, poking fun at McDonald’s ice cream machine that’s notorious for never working. “Wow. Salty. Like our world famous fries,” McDonald’s clapped back. “Why dine (with) a clown when u can (with) a queen,” Dairy Queen answered.

McDonald’s came back with a riddle: “What’s a milkman in pantyhose? A Dairy Queen,” to which DQ replied, “Behave or we’ll flip u like our Blizzards.”

Other businesses joined in on the fun, as seen on the Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook post. A local realty group said, “Sign war? We’re just here for the show.” “Just CHECKING in on the sign war…” a nearby bank said on its sign. The same bank shared another sign that reads, “Ice Cream Machine Broken? We have a loan for that.”

Wendy’s also made its voice heard with a sign that said, “Hot and crispy fries. Don’t arch,” as a nod to its competition, McDonald’s.

You can see photos of the hilarious “sign war” below:

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