Mass. ‘Price Is Right’ Winner Has Hilarious Response To New England Prize

A Massachusetts woman won’t have to travel far to enjoy the vacation she won on the Price is Right.

Catherine Graham won a trip to neighboring New Hampshire by guessing the correct value of the vacation during the ‘Side By Side’ game with a guess of $7,696 instead of $9,676, WBZ-TV reports.

The prize came after she traveled across the country to play long-running game show, which will now make her commute to the neighboring state much longer as she’ll travel from California in order to use the all-expenses paid offering.

While she may have won on the Price is Right, Graham’s reaction to host Drew Carey telling her the location of the prize is priceless.

“My face says it all. I said ‘Oh you’re kidding.’ Drew goes ‘Oh that’s great. Congratulations, New Hampshire is beautiful!’ I go ‘Drew, I live in Boston!’” Graham told WBZ-TV while discussing her recent Price is Right appearance, which aired on February 1 . “I’ve been (to New Hampshire) a million times.”

Graham added that she loves New Hampshire, but honestly would have preferred a much warmer trip elsewhere.

“I just wish it was Tahiti or some place, or Bora Bora. A cruise around the world maybe,” she laughed, while adding that the prize didn’t change her experience on the show. “It was so fun.”

Graham also took home a $1,000 prize after spinning $1 on the big wheel.

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