Man Accused Of Setting Up Roadblock And Shooting Suspected Thief

An Oregon man is in custody for allegedly shooting a suspected thief. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office said that the suspect, Douglas Brinton Walker, 64, set up a roadblock on a public road and opened fire on the suspected thief as he drove past.

The victim sped away and continued driving for about 45 minutes before they knocked on a resident’s door to report they had been shot. KDVR reported that the victim was shot three times, with at least one bullet striking them in the stomach.

The resident called 911, and the victim was airlifted to the hospital, where they underwent emergency surgery. Officials said that the victim is recovering.

Walker also called the police and admitted to setting up a roadblock and shooting at somebody who he accused of stealing items from his property. The sheriff’s office noted that the reported theft was not close to the location of the shooting.

Walker was taken into custody and charged with first-degree assault, unlawful use of a weapon, and second-degree attempted murder.

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