Man Accused Of Filming Woman From Her Attic After Meeting On OnlyFans

A 20-year-old man from Pennsylvania was arrested after he allegedly hid in a woman’s attic and took videos of her while she slept. Police said that Mauricio Damian Guerrero met the woman on OnlyFans and promised to buy her a television and a fireplace.

The woman gave Guerrero her address in New Hampshire, and the two met several times. The woman told police that Guerrero “seemed nice at first” but described him as “very pushy.”

She told officers that he would sleep in his car, which was parked on the street in front of her house. In another incident, he told her to look out the window because he was standing on the sidewalk. She let him inside, and they chatted for about two hours before she asked him to leave.

Then, on February 9, she called 911 after she woke up and saw somebody standing in her hallway.

Officers arrived and searched the attic. They heard heavy footsteps on the roof and located Guerrero as he tried to flee.

The woman told officers she noticed strange things in her home before Guerrero’s arrest. For example, she noted that several windows were left open, and one day she lost her keys, but they mysteriously turned up while she was looking for them. At the time, she chalked them up to the fact that “she was just busy.”

She also said she believed he had been living in her attic for quite some time because she found food and headphones. Authorities said that Guerrero filmed the woman while she was sleeping and stole her underwear. He is also accused of stealing her house key and making a copy of it, so he could come and go as he pleased. He also told police he was planning to put a tracking device on her car.

Guerrero was charged with four counts of felony burglary and could face additional charges. He was released on a $2,500 bond and ordered to wear a GPS monitor device.

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