Ken Jennings Wants $200 For The Raunchy Answer He Should Have Gotten Right

Ken Jennings is sticking to his guns!

The Jeopardy! co-host is defending the raunchy answer that was wrong 18 years ago, which has recently resurfaced on social media.

The two-decades-old clip shows Jennings rushing to the buzzer on a $200 “Tool Time” question — “This term for a long-handled gardening tool can also mean an immoral pleasure seeker.” Jennings replied, “What’s a hoe?” and the audience erupted into laughter as late host Alex Trebek hilariously yells “Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Another contestant buzzed in with the correct question — “What’s a rake?”

The official Jeopardy! TikTok account shared this clip on November 29 and it’s still getting traction. So much so, that Jennings himself is addressing the question and answer. Earlier this week, the now-host brought up the clip that went viral. “Why didn’t I get it right? I think the idea is the clue says it’s ‘an immoral pleasure seeker’ and we don’t want to characterize all hoes that way. Rakes, apparently, we’re OK with that aspersion on their character,” Jennings quipped. “I think, I still think I was shafted, quite frankly. I think I’m owed $200 and you know, maybe the writers should get a pool together.”

Fans were behind Jennings’ reasoning.

“Justice for ken jennings,” one user wrote.

“Give him the money,” said another.

“Technically would he be owed $400 since they take away money for a wrong answer?” another asked. Yes, yes he would.

Watch the original video and Jennings’ hilarious response below:

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