Jury Reaches Verdict In Steve Bannon’s Contempt Trial

A federal jury found Steven Bannon guilty of two counts of contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with a subpoena from the House select committee investigating the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

The first charge was for failing to appear for a deposition in October 2021, while the second charge was for refusing to turn over records requested by the committee.

When Bannon refused to comply with the committee, he cited executive privilege. The committee rejected his claims and ordered him to appear for a deposition and turn over documents related to its investigation.

Ahead of his trial, Bannon suggested that he would testify after receiving a green light from former President Donald Trump. Prosecutors noted that in their closing statement, but said it doesn’t alter the fact that Bannon refused to comply with the subpoenas.

“That sudden decision to comply is nothing but a ploy. And it’s not even a good one, because the defendant forgot to tell the committee he would supply them with documents,” prosecutor Amanda Vaughn said.

She accused him of “pretending to comply now.”

“It’s a waste of everyone’s time,” she added.

Bannon faces up to a year in jail on each charge and will be sentenced on October 21. Federal law states he must serve at least 30 days behind bars.

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