Judge Says Rapper Accused of Assault Can Be Deposed 2 More Hours

LOS ANGELES (CNS) – Attorneys for the bouncer who sued Lil Wayne, alleging the rapper attacked him outside a Hollywood nightclub in 2016, can depose the singer for another two hours, a judge ruled today.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Jon R. Takasugi issued the order in the lawsuit brought by plaintiff Andrew Nunemacher, whose lawyers stated in their court papers that during an earlier deposition in November, the singer’s conduct was “beyond extreme.”

According to the 38-year-old Nunemacher’s lawyers’ court papers, the entertainer “took pride in his refusals to answer fundamental questions while his attorneys sat back and made inappropriate and frivolous objections, encouraging a display that mocks the civil process.”

After only a little more than two hours of being deposed, the singer “abruptly exited the Zoom for the second time and did not return,” the plaintiff’s attorneys state in their court papers.

Lil Wayne’s attorneys countered in their court papers that their client never refused to appear for further deposition questioning and proposed having him to sit for a half-hour to close out any topics.

The singer’s lawyers also submitted portions of his testimony which they argued had shown that he did answer questions from Nunemacher’s lawyer and only became angry after being repeatedly asked the same question.

In his ruling, Takasugi said excerpts from the November deposition show the singer is “clearly argumentative and abusive” to Nunemacher’s lawyer. However, the deposition transcript also showed Lil Wayne denied striking Nunemacher, but added he may have brushed up against him, the judge wrote.

“After review, the court concludes that while Carter’s behavior was undeniably hostile and abusive at times, Carter also provided substantive responses to plaintiff’s counsel’s repetitive questions,” Takasugi wrote.

“In light of the answers that have already been provided, the court concludes that only a two-hour deposition to close out any topics is warranted.”

Nunemacher was working at the entrance of the Hyde Sunset on June 27, 2016, when members of the rapper’s entourage became angry, according to his court papers.

Nunemacher tried to keep the entrance secure, but the singer, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., punched him and knocked him to the ground, then threw a cup of alcohol on his face and yelled an epithet at him while calling him a “white boy,” the suit alleges.

However, lawyers for the 39-year-old rapper state in their court papers that security video evidence refutes Nunemacher’s version of events and undermines his claims he has suffered severe mental and emotional harm, has endured multiple invasive surgeries and has been unable to work.

Nunemacher `had no issue working the rest of his shift following the alleged incident,” Lil Wayne’s lawyers maintain in their court papers.

Nunemacher alleges civil rights violations as well as assault, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress in the suit brought in June 2017. Trial is scheduled for April 4.

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