Judge Blocks Release Of Additional Records Surrounding Bob Saget’s Death

A Florida judge has granted a temporary injunction blocking the release of records in relation to the ongoing investigation into the death of actor and comedian Bob Saget following a lawsuit filed by his family requesting such on Tuesday (February 15), CNN reports.

Saget, 65, was found dead at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes on January 9.

Last week, the Orange County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled Saget’s death as an accident caused by a brain bleed, which is believed to have occurred after he hit his head and went to sleep, unaware of how serious the injury was at the time.

On Tuesday, Saget’s widow, Kelly Rizzo, and her three daughters filed a lawsuit against the Orange County Sheriff John W. Mina and District Nine Medical Examiner’s Office in an effort to prohibit some investigation records from being released publicly.

“In the process of these investigations, Defendants created records which include photographs, video recordings, audio recordings, statutorily protected autopsy information, and all other statutorily protected information,” the lawsuit stated via CNN. “Upon information and belief, some of these Records graphically depict Mr. Saget, his likeness or features, or parts of him, and were made by Defendants during Defendants’ investigations.” 

Saget’s family argued that the information being released publicly would cause them to “suffer irreparable harm in the form of extreme mental pain, anguish, and emotional distress,” according to the lawsuit.

Saget, 65, was on tour and had performed at the Ponte Verda Concert Hall in Jacksonville hours before his death.

Saget is best known for his role as patriarch Danny Tanner on the popular ABC sitcom Full House, a role he revived decades later for the Netflix reboot, Fuller House in 2016, as well as the original host of America’s Funniest Home Videos from 1989-97.

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