Illegal 1,000-Foot ‘Vodka Pipeline’ Discovered In Ukraine

Ukrainian authorities announced the discovery of an illegal “vodka pipeline” used to transport the bootleg booze to Moldova. The pipeline, which was nearly 1,000 feet long, was discovered by border patrol agents near the city of Podilsk.

“Three hundred meters of polyethylene pipe stretched from the state border underground in the direction of the private home of a 32-year-old citizen of Ukraine,” the Ukrainian government said in a statement, according to Vice. “Previously, the discovered highway was used for the illegal transfer of alcohol to Ukraine from the Transnistrian segment of the Moldovan-Ukrainian border.”

Officials have launched an investigation into the pipeline and said they plan to dismantle it. The State Border Service of Ukraine shared a video on YouTube showing officials filling a plastic jug with vodka from the pipeline.

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