If You Hear This Secret Code On A Plane, Buckle Up And Pray

During your average plane ride, you’ll likely hear some sounds that might alarm you but are really nothing to worry about. If you hear a mechanical whirring, it could just be the pilot controlling the flaps or the landing gear, a high-pitched noise might just be the engines spinning, and a “ding” is likely just a passenger calling for a flight attendant. However, there is one sound that if you hear, you should be concerned.

Tommy Cimato, a flight attendant, shared what to look out for in a TikTok video. He first explained that when you hear a high-low chime, like a ding-dong, it is just a flight attendant trying to get a hold of another flight attendant, or the flight deck trying to reach them. However, he said that if you hear three of those in a row, there is an emergency on board.

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