House Collapses Into The Atlantic Ocean Sending Debris Miles Down The Coast

An ocean-front home in North Carolina’s Outer Banks collapsed into the Atlantic Ocean, sending pieces of debris up and down the shore for miles. Most of the debris washed up along a four-mile stretch of the coast, but some pieces were found as far as seven miles away.

The National Parks Service shared photos of the collapsed five-bedroom rental home and said they are working with local authorities to clean up the mess. Officials advised any visitors in the area to be cautious while spending time on the beach or in the water.

When the house was built in 1980, it was set further back from the water, but years of erosion put it dangerously close to the shoreline.

This is not the first home to succumb to erosion in the area. In 2020, another house washed into the Atlantic Ocean in the middle of the night.

According to WAVY, officials are spending millions of dollars trying to restore the beach and prevent other homes from collapsing into the water.

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