Hotel To Kick Out Guests Who Got Close To Bear And Pet It

A hotel owner in Tennessee said he plans to kick out a female guest who was seen petting a bear. Photos taken by Misty Chrismon show the woman reaching her hand out to the bear.

“She was petting the nose and everything, and then she put her hand out pretending she had food for the bear,” Chrismon told WVLT.

Chrismon said that the woman finally left the bear alone after it swiped its paw at her.

Raj Patel, who owns the Quality Inn Creekside hotel in Gatlinburg, saw the photos and told the news station that he would kick the woman out once he identified her. He noted that he has kicked out between 10 and 15 guests in the past for getting too close to the bears that live in the area but said it was the first time somebody actually reached out and petted one of them.

“It’s not safe for the bears or the people,” said Patel.

He added that there has not been a bear attack involving hotel guests since he took over ownership in 2016.

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