Hikers Filming Reality Show Rescued Amid Triple Digit Temperatures

women’s church group had to be rescued while attempting to hike one of the most challenging trails in Arizona. Authorities said that a large group of women set out to hike the Echo Canyon trail on Camelback Mountain while filming a reality show titled Good Girls Gone God.

The women were not adequately prepared for the hike, especially as temperatures soared well above 100 degrees. While the group made it to the top of the mountain, they began to feel the effects of the heat as they made their way back down. Things got even worse when they ran out of water.

“We kept stopping, and then we had no more water, so the more that we stopped, the harder it got,” Tatiana Robinson told KPHO.

Several members of the group made it to the end of the trail and called for help when they realized others were struggling in the heat. Around 100 firefighters were dispatched to locate the women, who were spread out across the trail. The fire department used a helicopter to reach five of the women and flew them off the mountain in a big wheel basket. Three others walked down the rest of the trail with help from firefighters.

“Our drone was able to get up quickly, locate different groups who are separated, and let us know if they were stable and give us a visual evaluation,” Captain Evan Gammage with the Phoenix Fire Department said.

Officials said that three of the women were hospitalized and are in stable condition.

The group admitted that they didn’t research the trail before heading out.

“We had no idea going into it that this apparently was one of the hardest trails in Phoenix,” Kristin Livingston told the news station.

“God was definitely with us,” said Robinson. “We’re thinking if they didn’t call — I don’t know what would’ve happened, but we wouldn’t have made it, maybe.”

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