Heroic New England Dog Leads Police To Owner Injured In Serious Crash

A heroic New England dog not only survived a serious car crash, but managed to lead officers across state lines back to the scene and her injured owner.

WCAX reports Lebanon Police responded to a reported accident on Interstate 89 bridge connecting New Hampshire and Vermont at around 10:00 p.m. on Monday (January 3) and found the German shepherd nearby, before realizing why the dog was in the area.

“Our immediate concern is the road hazard for a vehicle accident or the dog getting struck or both,” Lebanon Police Chief Phillip Roberts told WCAX.

Police body camera footage obtained by WCAX showed the dog, who was later identified as Tinsley, was in a dangerous location in the middle of the typically traffic congested Veterans Memorial Bridge connecting the two northeastern stats.

“All units that were up there on the scene tried to corral the dog, get him in a cruiser. There were passersby that tried to lure him with some treats. But he really wouldn’t get within 8 or 10 feet of anybody,” Roberts said.

The officers attempted to catch the dog for several minutes before she ran back across the state line into Vermont, leading the police to the scene of a mangled vehicle rolled over on the side of the highway.

“New Hampshire State Police and Lebanon immediately called for EMS out of Hartford to respond to the scene, as well as [Vermont State Police],” Roberts said.

New Hampshire State Police told WCAX that two people were traveling in the vehicle at the time of the crash, both of whom were ejected and experienced serious injuries.

Cameron Laundry, 31, of North Hartland, was identified as both the driver and the dog’s owner, while Justin Connors, 40, was identified as the passenger.

Police said both men are expected to survive the crash.

New Hampshire Police said Tinsley didn’t appear to have experienced injuries during the accident.

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