Gunfire Strikes New York City Bus, Narrowly Missing Passenger

A New York City bus with around 30 passengers was struck by gunfire in Harlem on Sunday afternoon. Police said that two people started shooting at each other around 2:30 p.m., sending pedestrians running for cover.

“I was paralyzed,” a food worker and witness told the New York Post. “It all happened so fast. I just crouched behind the counter. Everything happened so fast.”

One of the bullets struck a bus, narrowly missing one of the riders. A car that was stopped at a red light was also hit by gunfire. Investigators recovered 12 9mm shell casings and two spent projectiles from the scene. Luckily, there were no reports of injuries.

“[The bullet] could have killed a woman sitting right there, or the bus operator, who is understandably very shaken up and traumatized,” Richie Davis, vice president and chief of staff for Local 100 of the Transit Workers Union, told the Post.

“Some of them are asking for bullet-proof vests,” Davis added, noting that there have been several incidents in which busses have come under fire in recent months.

Officials have not made any arrests and do not have a description of the suspects.

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