‘Green Gaiter Bandit’ Wanted After Targeting Over A Dozen Banks

The Federal Burea of Investigation is asking the public for help identifying a man who has been targeting banks across Southern California for the past four months. The suspect, known as the “Green Gaiter Bandit,” has robbed nine banks and attempted to rob five others.

The FBI noted that despite the moniker, the suspect has also been seen wearing different gaiters that cover his face and neck.

“The FBI has given the suspect the moniker, “Green Gaiter Bandit,” based on the green face/neck covering he can be seen wearing in some bank surveillance photos, which are being provided to the public,” the agency said. “It should be noted that the suspect wears a variety of gaiters covering his neck and face in different banks on different dates, including a green one. He has also worn gaiters or a mask in other colors or designs as witnesses have described and as bank surveillance photos illustrate.”

The suspect is a white male in his 50s or 60s with gray hair. The FBI said that he approaches the teller and demands cash or “loose bills.” Sometimes, he makes the demand verbally, while other times, he hands the teller a note asking for money. The suspect then flees the bank on foot, even if he does not get the money.

The FBI did not say if he was armed or if he made any threats to the bank tellers.

He was last seen attempting to rob a Wells Fargo in Placentia on January 21.

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