Girl in a Coma – Static Mind

Girl in a Coma video for “Static Mind” from the album Trio B.C. Filmed on location in San Antonio, Texas. Directed by Jim Mendiola.


  1. Totally love this video. So fun! Puts a smile on my face and in my heart every time I play it. Better than beer 😉

  2. I loved it from first time I heard it. Great one! And the video is just great!
    Blackheart Record rules!I love every single bad from em.

  3. this band is so badass…love this song and the video….lol…. ya go san antonio!!!!!!!!!!!!!…lol… i love the beat and the words and her voice the way she sings it….

  4. WOW… i play TapTap3, and i heard this song from there… and man i fell in love with it…
    It’s such a nice song… so congrats…

  5. Yard sales are a staple of life here in san Antonio.And picking through dumpsters gives a feeling of euphoria unlike no other drug can replicate.

  6. This reminds of my childhood growing up in San Antonio……always a garage sale on every corner! Oooooh, and the egg (‘el ojo’) rubbed all over the face, classic mexican superstition. LOL. Love GIAN, please come to Orlando, Fl.

  7. not bad, just wondering who this was since their opening 4 sia.. but it brings back painful memories of when i lived in san

  8. Nina has such a beautiful smile, thats what got me hooked on them and also because they are so awesome. Put them in playlist along with Gogol and Radiohead so thats how good they are.

  9. wicked talent!!!!!! i love their music!!!! this song was part of a collection on free songs on itunes and i instantly fell in love with their music!!!

  10. ♫ ♪ ♫ Me and my husband Checked GIAC Last night here in Houston @ Fitzgeralds. I was the one with the faded cotton candy pink hair. You guys ROCKED!!! Bought the Vinyl and Tote. I already have buttons and all the cd’s. My 4 yr old LOVES you too!!! ♫ ♪ ♫

    ♫ Cookie Roxx ♫

  11. HA HA cool, the sign said Garage Sale on Gen Krueger. I used to live on the next street when I was 12. And then it shows Randys rodeo in the background. Thats where I saw Slayer for the first time. Nice Video girls!

  12. @atp77777 they are different, but they are both bands, they make music, they are both female leads, and as like the other 14 people that agreed with me, Girl In a Coma outshines Paramoore. Im not trying to make you sway my way, its your preference, I’ll stick with mine

  13. @creepinoutsara haha, have you no life? It would not surprise me if you read all of the comments on here. Poor child

  14. heck yeah, i’m from san antonio, texas.
    these girls represent, i love that these are most places i have gone to!

    good work girls, and yes, better than paramore!

  15. Was this song featured in something? It sounds so familiar.

    Nina is reading Jack Kerouac’s On the Road! She should read the original scroll version. The 50’s version edits out all the x rated parts.

  16. wow, just heard them, they are good. They just tweeted that they are playing with DavidArchuleta at the Tejanos Award. doing a tribute to Selena, who would have thought?

  17. Welcome
    I was at your concert at the Polish Woodstock! Great music and a lot of energy. It is a pity that in Poland you can not get your CD

  18. love the song and the vid. i heard this song when i accidentally clicked on it in tap tap an fell in love. good work. very nice unique voice and rhythms too. keep it up! btw i cud tell this was texas just by how it looks lol

  19. Love it! Long may you run GIAC! Go! Go! Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do it for all us stay at homes, just like the Sleaze Sisters back in 1981! Times Square anyone?

  20. Really cool video :). I’ve been a huge fan, sice I saw you guys on Woodstock Festival in Poland. Awesome band, and I agree that’s really shame that we cannot buy your record in poland, but I’ll try to do that online. Anyawy, I LOVEEE YOUUU GRLS, hope that u’ll come back to Poland soon! <3

  21. awesome are yall from san antonio? its very rare to hear female groups from this city. Looks like ill stay here longer than 🙂

  22. This band makes me feel better about living in San Antonio, Texas. Lets me know that some amazing people are from here…

  23. Oh you guys are seriously so adorable and full of energy XD Looks like you guys really had fun making this video and song. Lots of artists today could learn from you.

  24. I drew the album cover to Trio B.C., but apparently I made Nina look fat :/
    I thought I did good, but to my cousins, I made Nina chubby. …like…

  25. Started checking out GIAC before seeing them open for the Go-Go’s tomorrow night in Denver, now I’m totally stoked to see this band. These girls flat out rock!

  26. @andromalius2002 SO I SEE I HAVE TO EXPLAIN HOW MAKING COMMENTS WORKS HERE. you say something WE LIKE we tell you stuff YOU MIGHT LIKE and DEFEND YOU when some ass SAYS SHIT to YOU. if you act like the ass then YOU will be MOBBED by US

  27. @TrashCanMurders1 the snide comeback would be ‘who would buy one’,but i actually have that record and a dutch 7″ of you don’t own me.

  28. this band is promoted by joan jett and they kick ass u can find them on joan jett’s website and joan jett will be in san antonio on february 24,2012 at the at@t center and girl in a coma will preform on february 25,2012 in san antonio !!!!!best all girl punk group iv’e seen i hate to put labels on bands u can can call girl in a coma what u wan’t but i’ll just say they kick ass!!!!!!

  29. aww. at 1:11 that was my old house. now they painted it an ugly color. -__- havent seen GIAC in a while. Stay in touch yall. and i pray yall even more success in the future. 🙂

  30. It’s really depressing see all these sexual comments that are basically “I’m turned on by the girls oh and i guess there’s music too.” Like seriously, guys.

  31. Saw this group last night with Blue October. They were non stop hard rock for their whole set. Had never heard of them before. I was very impressed.

  32. From what it looks like you are in the neighborhood I grew up in in front of my mama’s house and I love you guys wish I was around to get your autographs well my mom likes you now too spreading the music

  33. Obviously these young ladies are doing something right…anytime you can actually support yourself through music and not have 3 other jobs…in my eyes you’re a success..How about a show in Waco ladies?

  34. I Love it!!! :^D I like the part where Phanie is the voodoo Grrrl takin’ evil off of Nina! LOL! That’s Right, protect that Grrly! Y’all are AWESOME!

  35. Homegirls from s.a. Kick some serious ass… I like how they keep it like real….all the videos are in and around San Antonio……and a lot of those in the hood…

  36. i just heard these ladies for the 1st time a few days ago..reminds me of those awesome club band on sunset blvd. in Hollywood.. catchy song..

  37. Just heard of them yesterday and I thought based on the name it was gonna be so super emo type stuff but boy was I wrong and man is their music catchy

  38. I hadnt never heard of your group until today. Good music. Sorry to hear that yall are parting. The girl in the green is a hottie!

  39. I’m tryna figure out what neighborhoods they’re innnnn! This muh shitty city. Lol. And omfg she did the egg thing!! 🤣💦

  40. I discovered this band when I was in Korea 2008. Somebody had a stack of about ten CDs of bans I’d never heard of, and a copy of Both Before I’m Gone was in there. I was a senior in HS when The Smiths released Girlfriend in a Coma, so I lived through the best time in music (though we didn’t know it at the time) during the early 90’s just after Nirvana broke the industry’s formula and there was just so much music coming out and so many different and experimental sounds, and this band was the first band I found since that era that had that early 90’s vibe. Miss this band and I never got to see them because I was usually deployed when they were anywhere near where I could have seen them.


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