Giant Screen Falls On Stage During Sold-Out Concert Injuring Dancers

Two dancers were injured after a giant screen fell onto the stage during a concert for the popular Hong Kong boy band Mirror on Thursday (July 28) night, NBC News reports.

More than a dozen performers were on stage at the Hong Kong Coliseum when one of the metal cords holding up the screen snapped and caused it to crash directly onto a dancer before falling backward and onto a second dancer.

The accident led to screams of panic from the thousands in attendance, who were then asked to leave as first responders worked on the scene.

The Hospital Authority confirmed that one of the injured dancers was placed in intensive care in serious condition at Queen Elizabeth Hospital and underwent an operation, while the second injured victim was listed in stable condition before being released from the same hospital on Friday (July 29) afternoon.

Video footage of the accident was shared on Twitter and can be found here (viewer discretion is advised as it might be disturbing to some.)

Kelvin Tang, who attended the concert, described the accident from the crowd’s perspective to NBC News via Facebook Messenger, calling it “unbelievable” and “heartbreaking.”

“After the accident, I saw some audience members fainted, and some cried outside the stadium,” Tang said. “They were happy to watch the performance, but everyone left with an angry, heavy, sad and worried mood. Now we just hope the victims are safe.”

Kevin Yeung of the Hong Kong secretary for culture, sports and tourism, confirmed the metal cords snapped, which led to the accident, while addressing reporters on Friday.

“We take this incident very seriously, because the safety of the performance stage is very important,” Yeung said.

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