Georgia Mother Who Reported Daughter Missing Is Now Charged In Her Death

The mother of a five-year-old girl who was murdered has been arrested and is facing multiple charges related to her deathKristy Siple, 35, reported her daughter Kamarie Holland missing on December 13 to police in Columbus, Georgia.

The young girl’s body was found later that day in the neighboring Phenix City, Alabama. Authorities said that Holland died from asphyxiation and had been sexually assaulted.

Investigators accused Jeremy Williams, 37, of kidnapping Holland and charged him with her murder. During the investigation, they learned that Siple allegedly “did agree with another person to pay her for having sexual intercourse and sodomy with her minor child.”

Siple was taken into custody and is being held without bond. She is facing charges of human trafficking, murder during a kidnapping, murder during rape, and murder during sodomy.

Officials said that Williams will likely face additional charges, including capital murder during a kidnapping, capital murder during a rape, capital murder during sodomy, and production of child pornography.

“This is a case that tugs at everybody’s heartstrings,” said Russell County Chief Deputy District Attorney Rick Chancey. “To go to that funeral the other day, it just breaks your heart to know that Kamarie is no longer with us.”

“Please, parents, take care of your kids, watch your kids,” Chancey added. “Be careful who your kids are around. I shouldn’t have to state that. This is a bad world, and let’s take care of our kids.”

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