George Knapp UFO Abductions & Breaking a Pre – Birth Contract with Aliens – COAST TO COAST AM 2021

COAST TO COAST AM – December 2021. An independent UFO abduction investigator Kathleen Marden joined George Knapp to discuss abductions, the perplexing nature of UFOs, and the non-human entities associated with them. According to her research, the entities have warned experiencers that humans’ nuclear weapons “tear holes in the fabric between the dimensions,” which can cause damage in their realm. Repeatedly abducted individuals are often traumatized by these experiences, and she offered suggestions such as asking for a reprieve or breaking a so-called contract that the aliens claim a person agreed upon before they were born.
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  1. Seen a one man blimp/helicopter float down over main street. It seems I’m the only one who has seen it. People think I’m crazy as usual. And why am I able to see them and others are not seeing them.?

  2. What’s unoptanium….is it impossible to obtain…i hear there’s BLM aliens and even woke aliens..and Trumpsters aliens too…

  3. Can you please enable the chat again? Especially now in the holiday season when there are so many lonely people..Chat has developed into a great community and we miss it!

  4. Great info thanks.
    The way Bob Lazar describes the propulsion configuration “Delta” and “omicron” of the ufo craft.
    Sound familiar?

  5. Thank goodness we have one of the pros steering Coast to Coast this time. Always a pleasure listening to George do his thing. 👍

  6. NASA recently hired 20 something theologians to discuss/study how people will react to information which reveals what many of us have been “suspecting” for a long time. Let’s see what 2022 brings..

  7. “Super-charged nano-partical of Unobtainium”
    I love it, George!

    Greetings from hot and sunny Perth, Western Australia 🇦🇺 😎

    🔥 🌞 ⛱

  8. If they want us to listen to ‘experiencers’ they damn well better give them proof -not just say ‘tell them THIS’ … unacceptable if they truly mean well … why hide??

  9. Im much more interested in the last star. This star is shaped like an egg at the end of our solar system. NASA claims this is natural. And of course they would be a little circumspect on that subject. Im one of them.


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