Gas Station Selling Fuel At A Loss To Help Customers Deal With High Prices

A gas station owner in Arizona is going viral for selling his fuel at a loss to help his customers deal with record-high gas pricesJaswiendre Singh owns a Valero Food Mart in Phoenix, where the average cost of gas is $5.68 a gallon.

Singh understands how the high price is gas is straining people living in the city and decided to make their lives a little easier. While Singh buys gasoline from his supplier for $5.66 a gallon, he is selling it for just $5.19 a gallon.

“To give a break to the customer and my community. People don’t have the money right now,” Singh told KTVK. “My mother and my father did teach us to help if you have something.”

Singh estimates that he’s losing about $500 a day by lower the price but hopes he can make up for the loss by selling food and other items inside the store. Even if he doesn’t, Singh said he’s doing the right thing and teaching his children an important lesson.

“We teach our children the same thing,” he said. “If you have something, you have to share it with other people.”

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